Hi! I’m Moe.

Aren’t you just sick of attempting to work with self-proclaimed experts, who continuously try to implement a one fit for all strategy? I’m Mohamad Abdallah, a fellow digital marketing geek, one who is obsessively determined to drive results. In 2020, I co-founded one of Lebanon’s fastest growing marketing agencies, and soon after founded Moe Media.

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Moe Abdallah - A Lebanese Digital Marketing Consultant based out of Beirut and London, About Page Image

  • October 2008

    Yes, it’s a cliché example of a middle eastern high school graduate that is made to pursue a major that he doesn’t want. In October 2008, I started studying chemical engineering in Abu Dhabi.

  • October 2010

    2 years later I had enough. I knew chemical engineering wasn’t for me. My family were encouraging me to get into business and that’s what I did. After switching universities, I switched majors and had my eyes set on Marketing.

  • January 2013

    I moved back to Beirut to continue my studies and graduated in 2015. Studying Marketing was an interesting journey, but I did realise early on that a university’s theoretical approach is good for nothing. One year before that, in 2014, I developed an interest in paid social and started managing 3 different accounts for businesses in Beirut.

  • July 2015

    Knowing that the best way forward is to learn from the best in the industry and continuous practice, pushed me to follow top industry blogs, seek hands-on knowledge, and start my own blog.

  • August 2015

    I landed the first full-time job that I was actually excited about. I started working for a media production and distribution company in Beirut. The role had given me great experience in Sales, which I lacked, as well as marketing. Eventually, I expanded my activities with the company to include social media management.

  • June 2017

    By 2017, my career was good but wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be. At the time, I was running two different blogs and came to the conclusion that it’s time to move on. I left the company I was working for and joined a digital transformation consulting company based in Dubai. For the next two years, I also worked with various startups across the MENA region and the United States, focusing on PPC and SEO. The secret to my success was focusing on delivering results by perfecting performance audits. The reason for this was that companies, more often than not, ignored auditing, tracking, and optimising their campaigns and activities.

  • May 2019

    2019 was a turning point for me. This year I joined an agency in Beirut and met market leaders in the MENA region, which opened doors for me. I also wanted to share a lot of what I learned and so I started volunteering and giving courses and workshops in partnership with Google.

  • Present

    The COVID year was tough for most people, but it was the year that I saw the most growth in. Being in lockdown, got me and my soon-to-be partners realizing that it’s time to build our own agency. Throughout ’20-’21, I co-founded a boutique agency and joined Publicis Groupe as a team manager, heading one of their largest accounts in the MENA region.

    During these two years, I also grew to serve clients from different industries such as Safety and Security, SaaS, Gaming, Health and Wellness, and different PR and Marketing agencies.


Frequently Asked Question

Do I need a blog?

Beyond your website that informs your customers about your company, a blog is a fantastic tool to keep those customers updated about your business. A blog is an essential part of your inbound marketing campaign and will help with improving internal linking and driving traffic.

We specialise in writing for the Forex, education, technology, gaming, and health and wellness industries. However, we don’t limit ourselves to these sectors alone. If we think we can add value to your project, then we’ll work with you regardless of what industry your business is in.

Do you provide free SEO audits?

Unfortunately, SEO audits are a standalone paid service. SEO audits generally involve many steps, the use of various tools, and would take somewhere between 10 to 48 hours to complete.

Does guest blogging help with SEO?

Absolutely, yes! Guest blogging is still the best backlinking strategy out there, considering the link quality, of course. Having backlinks proves credibility, expertise, and quality content.

Remember, popularity helps with ranking, and the more referral links you have, the more popular you are.

So, yes, guest blogging helps with SEO and is worth it.

Would PPC help with my organic ranking?

Long story short, no it doesn’t. Don’t believe me? Here’s what Google says about it:

“Google’s first responsibility is to provide Search users with the most relevant possible results. If businesses were able to pay for higher rankings in the search results, users wouldn’t be getting the information they’re looking for.”