There are a few things that I’m truly passionate about. This includes digital innovation, gaming, and technology in general!

To summarize, I’m a digital addict that spends the majority of his time on the web and loves every minute of it! 

Hi there! I’m Moe.

Here to know a little more about me?


I’m one of the proud co-founders of JAYPAY, a digital marketing fanatic, consultant, and part-time marketing instructor.

I’ve gathered about 7+ years of experience in digital marketing strategy, campaign and project management, and training.

I’m skilled in PPC campaigns, SEO, email marketing, social media management, and tracking.

My experience spans across various industries for businesses around the Middle East and the U.S, that includes Forex, retail, hospitality, consumer electronics, consultancy, and more.

What am I specialized in you ask?


Social Media Management


Tracking Implementation