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How Digitization Changed Sales

The days of face to face selling are over! All sales personnel pack up your bags! Well, that might be extreme, but it’s unfortunately not 100% false either. People and companies are no longer reliant on Sales People to learn about a new product or service. Information is all around us, and we tend to have learned almost everything about a product before we even have spoken to the salesperson for the first time!

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What Is Fintech?

Over the years, technology has shaped many things, and one of those things is the way we handle finances. Let’s face it, these are changing times, and platforms like PayPalGoogle Wallet, and Apple/Android Pay are the new phase of the larger financial system, especially in the commercial sector. This is what Fintech is. Fintech, or financial technology, refers to how technology integrates into the financial service sector. Fintech greatly assists businesses all over the world to better handle all of the financial aspects pertaining to those businesses’ practices.

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Evolution Of Grocery Shopping

Only two to three decades ago, the only way to shop was to physically visit a grocery store and pick the items you wanted. Stores flocked with buyers, and long queues were common as people lined up to pay for groceries. But that was before technology had advanced well enough, and not many people owned technological gadgets like internet-enabled phones or PCs. The internet was slowly taking shape, and technology “gurus” were yet to figure out how it could help with shopping.

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