Why B2B Copywriters are Hard to Find

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It is no doubt a hectic way to continuously search for the best fit candidate, but did you know what is tougher than that? Imagine finding and hiring the best talented personnel copywriting for your b2b business. Yes, the struggle is real, and companies are suffering twice the load they used to, for B2B copywriting is in great demand! 

Aside from brands who are constantly searching to recruit B2B talent to their pool of talents, several b2b agencies are looking for writers and editors to provide b2b copywriting services to their clients. 

Keep in mind, folk. Without the ability to provide a top-notch, high-end quality b2b service, a company will not have a single client, to begin with. So, the success of an agency relies heavily on its talented writing team. Yes, don’t underestimate the power of “writing”. 

Right now, it appears as if there are too many copywriting jobs than there are writers available to do them. This brings two questions to mind: is it possible to strike a balance, and how?

Increased Demand for the Best Writing Talent 

You ask yourselves, copywriters, and others, why do we need you? The answer is simple. The increased demand for talented writers is crucial to the business. First, having a talented writer for your b2b can attract the attention of the audience in seconds, with their outstanding content and tone, and also, they’re needed to compare and create content with that of their competitors. I mean, you wouldn’t want to steal someone else’s work would you now? Such aspects give the company an advantage over their competitors, let alone offer greater value for their clients. 

Moreover, the advantage of having your pool of talent found within your company, especially in busy times and workloads, can reap great benefits. First, you won’t have to wait long for a freelancer to be free, saving up time and getting things done at a quicker pace. Second, your pool of b2b talent writers will be less costly than hiring an outside person to do the job.

Ask yourself that: Why are we short on B2B writers? 

Do you ever wonder why the best of the best writers aren’t fit for the job? The answer is simple. 

  1. B2b copywriting is tough and difficult. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writing expert, what matters is that your writing is related to the content and the requirements of the company. For example, IP Laws and insurance software need their specific targeted people, who are fluent in both the grasping of the information needed and the development of the writing piece. You need to put in exactly the relevant information pertaining to the subject at hand, and such subjects require experts to perfect them, especially the business side of the subject.

  1. The jobs and work offered aren’t to their expectations and they don’t need to work. 

Freelancers. The best-fit candidates for the job. The man of the hour. Well, as we previously mentioned before, freelancers need to get paid a huge chunk of cash to accept a tough and difficult job. Let’s be honest, freelancers literally stay in their homes, and work at their own comfort, so why would you think for a second that they will accept your offer, that will definitely be paying less and committing them to an office on-premises, when they can lay down at the comfort of their homes, in their pj’s and work whenever they want?

Nothing in life doesn’t have a solution. How can this mess be resolved? 

Well, a company can hire its own B2b copywriter and train him/her to meet company protocols and standards, get the job done, the way they want it, how they want it. 

The people you approach, won’t be your knight in shining armor, and sometimes you have to come to terms with understanding that not everyone is as you envision them to be. Yes, you can continue hiring your freelancers, employ trainee writers and train them the way you want them to implement the work, improve the skills and knowledge of the already existing marketing team through on-the-job training and several other techniques to enhance their skills. But every option in life has a downside. To grow your already existing team of talented copywriters, all it takes is identifying the appropriate and right people, with an understanding of technology or businesses, and then you devote your time to mentor/train them to meet the required business standards. But the downside to this is its length. But as you plan your time and efforts, you’ll crop and reap greater results later on. You can also train and enhance your marketing team’s skills in copywriting if they have an interest in writing. I mean, marketers must be fluent in writing, so teaching them would be easy, as you can design and implement a development program involving copywriting training. 

Keep in mind, if you need accurate, reliable, and quick results, a copywriting agency is the best match, which will offer the best copywriters out there and you won’t have to worry about delivering poor quality content to the readers.

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