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What is Google Sandbox?

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Your site is not ranked high despite using the latest search engine marketing techniques? It could be because of Google Sandbox.

What is Google Sandbox? Google sandbox is Google’s way of protecting its users from spammy new websites. Google Sandbox is a very useful algorithm that helps Google distinguish which sites should be indexed and which sites should not. Google sandbox locks down new websites for a period of time before allowing them to rank well in search results.

Being able to identify if your site has been sandboxed by Google is a good exercise.

Furthermore, the effects of Google Sandbox are temporary and can last for up to 8 months. Once you pass the period, your site will be able to rank for your targeted keywords.

Google Sandbox: A brief history

Back in 2004, Google was accused of censoring sites. The allegation came about when Google refused to remove the pages that were associated with Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Google argued that removing such information on its search engine would be censorship.

To resolve Google’s problem and to avoid any form of censorship, Google came up with Google Sandbox.

Once a new site is created, Google will monitor the site for any violations and actions taken. Google will only index the new pages when the site has succeeded in satisfying Google’s quality standards.

As Google puts it, Google Sandbox is an important step to Google’s quality algorithm. Google Sandbox is meant to determine if a site is fit to rank well in Google search results or not.

Why is your website not ranking?

In my view, Google sandbox is Google’s way of reassuring Google users. It is Google’s way of preventing newer sites from manipulating Google’s search engine to rank well for irrelevant keywords.

Let’s not forget, Sandbox is not the only reason why your website might not be ranking. Here are some other reasons why:

1- High competition

The first thing to consider is that you might be targeting keywords that are too competitive? To rank, focus on low-cost keywords that are less risky and have low competition. Once you get started, Google will determine if your site has quality content and increase its rankings.

Without quality backlinks, your site’s rankings will suffer. Having no quality backlinks will also decrease your site’s chances to rank. You must build strong links to improve your site’s organic growth.

3- Lack of content

If Google Sandbox is not hindering your site’s ranking, lack of content could be the problem. Google will only rank a site when it has relevant and quality content to satisfy Google’s users. Google’s algorithm is designed to provide users with the best answers. 

4- Google’s Panda or Penguin 

Google Panda and Google Penguin are Google’s way of identifying spam sites. They are Google’s algorithm for fighting against poor-quality sites.

If Google detects your site as a repeat offender, Google might take action against your website and flag it.

How to reduce the sandbox period?

The average time it takes to get organic traffic is around four to six months. However, this can be reduced by doing some simple things.

Getting indexed

You need to make sure your site is indexed fast. To make sure this happens, submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console.  Google will start crawling your site immediately.

A picture of Google search console describing how it can help you monitor and troubleshoot your website’s appearance in search results.

User traffic

Audience engagement is crucial in reducing the Google sandbox period. This highly engaged and organic traffic is a great way to get out of the Google sandbox faster. 

Social signals

Signals as an indicator of the quality of your site. Google will be able to identify if your site has quality content or not when it sees social signals of engagement and positive feedback on different social platforms.

Site Authority

It’s hard to determine the authenticity of a newly published website. A great way to show the quality and authenticity of your content is by increasing your website’s authority. Common practices to increase authority include but are not limited to building quality backlinks and getting Google reviews.

Active domain

One of the easiest ways to avoid Google sandbox is by acquiring an active domain. A website that has good traffic will take less time to get established.

Avoiding or getting out of the Google sandbox should be your aim. Doing so will ensure that you rank higher for your target keywords, attract more traffic, and grow. If you’re not sure how to do so and in need of an audit, then contact us for a FREE audit right now.

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What is Google Sandbox?
Identifying if Google has sandboxed your web page is a beneficial exercise. In this blog, we’ll go over Google sandbox & how to reduce the sandbox period.
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