What is a Landing Page and Why is Important during a PPC Campaign

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Creating a landing page is crucial whenever you are creating an online marketing campaign but what is a landing page and why you should use it if you are planning on a PPC campaign? This article will help you go through the benefits of having a proper landing page for your business.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is an advertising campaign that allows advertisers to place ads on platforms like social media and search engines and it pays the host of the platform when a person clicks the ad. The final goal is not only to get the highest number of people to click the ads but to lead the user to make a purchase and use your product or service.

Many business owners invest a lot of money on the headlines, selection of keywords, and design of the ad to attract the highest numbers of people but they overlook the importance of a landing.

What Is a Landing Page?

The landing page, as its name indicates, is the first page on which you land after clicking a link. Sometimes it can be a homepage but it is most commonly a standalone page such as a blog post and product page. The main purpose of this page is to convert the online traffic into a purchase or become a lead. A few differences between a traditional homepage and a landing page is that the first one contains a lot of information about the business and they can look through different services and products options while a landing page is focused on one main goal whether that its to generate leads or make the client perform a purchase. The landing page typically includes the next elements:

  • Above the Fold: This is the content that the user see first and it needs to be attractive to draw attention to the other elements and keep the users on your page. This includes the main headline, supportive headline, hero shot, and summary.
  • Call To Action: This area needs to be straightforward and help to boost conversions.
  • Benefits section: It focuses on explaining the users how your product or service can make their life better.

A landing page will make your ad worth it, you definitely don’t want your customers only clicking on your ad and feeling disappointed when they see your landing page.

Why Are Landing Pages Important During a PPC Campaign?

It Improves Your Quality Score

If you are planning on creating your PPC campaign in Google Ads you should get familiar with the term quality score. This is a gravy system that is determined by your click-through rate, the keyword used, and the relevance of your landing page. The better your quality score, the more value you get from your campaign.

Increases Your Conversions

Your ad draws attention to your product and service but your landing page is the one that will have the biggest impact on the lead generation and conversion rates.

Data Generation and Insight

Your landing page generates data that you can track and analyze during a PPC campaign. They can help you check your performance and identify which call-to-action message or headline generates more conversion. All you have to do is to install a Google AdWords conversion tracking code, it will help you to increase your quality score and collect important information about your visitors.

Tips To Create The Perfect Land Page For a PPC Campaign

Not any type of landing page is appropriate to boost conversions of your PPC campaign. Here are some ways that you increase your chances of having a successful landing page:

  • Be Specific: Your landing page shouldn’t focus on different products and services, it has to be specifically designed for your target customer and include the specific information they are looking for.
  • Keep it simple: Your landing page is not the place to focus on the history of your company or other distractions that could disappoint the customer. Focus on your goal and only place the most important information.
  • Benefits: Be sure to includes offers, discounts, and promotions that they can’t ignore.
  • Collect information: Your landing page should collect the necessary information from your audience, not only their name and email address but also why they are on your page. Avoid lengthy forms that can encourage your customers to leave.
  • Include a Thank You Section: It makes the user feel appreciated and lets them know the registration process is complete.

Focus on creating the right landing page for your business and notice the positive results in your PPC campaign.

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