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The Proper Use of PS

The Proper Use of PS

Many professionals use the postscript or the PS at the bottom of their emails to add additional information that’s not included in the main body of their messages.

The PS has become a commonly copywriting technique that’s been used in email marketing. It can be used in both direct mail and email marketing.

If you’re not sure how to use a PS  properly, this article will help. It will talk about its benefits and how to use it correctly.

What does PS mean?

PS, an abbreviation for the term “postscript” comes from the Latin word postscriptum, which means written after an afterthought. People tend to use it more when they’re writing letters instead of emails.

If a letter writer forgets to include important information in their letter, they can still add a PS at the end of their note. Despite the evolution of digital communication, where people can easily edit their messages, the practice of using a PS is still very popular. It’s mainly used for capturing a reader’s attention and adding an unrelated note.

People can also add more messages by including a post postscript or a PPS after a PS. However, it’s important to limit the number of PS that you can use to show professionalism and highlight the message you want to convey.

How to use the PS correctly?

The postscript can be used in various marketing efforts, such as lead generation. It can help boost a page’s effectiveness and provide useful information.

According to Copyblogger, the first and last elements of a copy are the headline and the unusual story or example that helps differentiate your offer. The last part of the copy is the PS, which is the final thought.

1- Choose the Punctuation you want

There are various ways to punctuate your PS. These are all correct and should be used in order to properly communicate with others:





Although your company may have a style guide for writing PS, you can still choose to use any of the following methods. However, make sure that you stick to the same punctuation throughout your emails.

2- Insert Clickable URL

Use the P.S. as bait, and make sure that the hook (clickable URL) is attached to the main selling point. One of the most effective ways to emphasize the main selling point is by offering another benefit. This will allow your reader to go directly to the landing page. The main selling point is usually the most important part of a message, but it can also be emphasized from a different angle.

3- Create Urgency 

The good thing about emails is that they are quick and easy to respond to, and within a couple of days you can see how many people are clicking on your links. However, the bad thing about them is that they rarely have any shelf life. To make sure that your messages are engaging and actionable, make sure that all of your emails are written correctly and sent to people who are ready to respond either by visiting your website or contacting you directly.

Throughout your email, you’ve been working hard to get people to take action. The PS is your last chance to make a difference.

4- Add a personal approach 

The purpose of a PS is to make the email more personal, so it’s signed off with the name of the person who actually works for your company. This ensures that the recipient gets the most out of the email. The nice thing about this type of email is that it adds to the personal approach of the email, making it even more personal.

5- Include a Bonus

One of my favorite features of a P.S. is to introduce a bonus, which is usually a discount or offer. This allows the recipient to feel like they’re getting something special.

A PS to the PS

Many writers think that the postscript is outdated and should be phased out and It should be replaced by other forms of correspondence.

Others consider it a part of their correspondence. Thus, it can still be found in various forms, such as emails and chat boxes.

The point of the postscript is to communicate our ideas and feelings. If it’s useful, go for it, and if it’s too formal, don’t worry.

By learning how to use the postscript properly, you can create a new literary tool that will enhance your work.

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