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Marketing Emails: 7 Tips to Writing Compelling Email Copy

Marketing Emails: 7 Tips to Writing Compelling Email Copy

Do you feel like your emails are not getting the response that they used to or that they should? Well, writing compelling email marketing copy can be difficult, but it is a must for any business. If you want people to take action on an offer, then it needs to be in their inbox with a good subject line and concise message! Don’t worry though, we have 7 tips below that will make writing email copy easy.

Tip 1: Write a catchy subject line

The first thing that someone is going to see when they receive your email in the subject line. This needs to be catchy and interesting in order to get them to open it! You have a small amount of time (usually around 50 characters) to grab their attention, so make sure you use it wisely.

Tip 2: Keep your message concise

People are busy and they don’t want to read a novel when they’re checking their email. Your message should be short, sweet, and to the point. If you can say what you need to in a few sentences or less, then do it! This will also help keep your email to a reasonable length.

Tip 3: Use specific and targeted language

When writing your email copy, it needs to be as clear and precise as possible. Writing in general terms will cause people to not understand what you’re saying or why they should take action (if that is the point of them opening). Using words like “you” and “your” will help people relate to your message better.

Tip 4: Include a strong call-to-action

Not everyone who receives your email will understand what you’re trying to do or why they should take action on it, so make sure that if there is something specific that you want them to do (like clicking through to a landing page), you include a strong call-to-action. This could be something as simple as “click here” or “read more.”

Tip 5: Test, test, test

The best way to know if your email marketing copy is effective is to test it! Try different subject lines, calls-to-action, and even the email body itself. Make sure you split test these so that you can see which works best for your target audience (you may need to try a few different variations before finding one that does).

Tip 6: Use visuals

It is easier for people to understand things when they are seeing it visually, as opposed to just words. People love visuals and the images will help to make your email stand out from all of the other marketing emails they receive!

Tip 7: Track, track, track

As with any kind of digital market research, you need to have a good analytics program that lets you know how many people are reading your email or taking action on it. This will help you to tweak and improve your email marketing copy as needed so that it is the most effective for your business.

Writing email marketing copy can be difficult, but following these tips should make it a little easier! Just remember to test everything and track the results so that you can continue improving your efforts. Good luck!

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Marketing Emails: 7 Tips to Writing Compelling Email Copy
In this blog post, you will learn how to write marketing emails that are compelling, persuasive, and engaging with these 7 effective tips.
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