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How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

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In today’s world, a Facebook Business Page is imperative if you want to get noticed through your brand and facilitate interaction with your customers online. It is essential to know how exactly to set up such a business page for your business.

Setting up a Facebook business page is not difficult, but you must consider the steps carefully if you want to make the most out of the social media platform. To assist you in the process, we will guide you through the steps you need to follow to reach the maximum audience. 

Step 1: Signing Up or Registering in Facebook.com

You have to start by going to the Facebook Page creation webpage once you are logged in to Facebook. Here, you will get the chance to choose the kind of page you want to set up among two options- business/brand or community/public figure.

Since we are talking about creating a page for your business, let us talk about the business or brand page creation. After selecting the option, you have to click ‘Get Started.’

You will then get the opportunity to input information about your brand. When filling in the Page Name, make sure you use your business name or the word which is most known to the public. This will ensure that the page is easily found when your target audience is searching for it. 

Next comes the category. Here, you must input a word or two that best depicts your business. If you are confused, you can choose from the options provided by Facebook, given that your brand fits with those. You should remember to select the category most likely to be perceived for your brand by your clients. 

You will then be able to input some more details, including your address or contact information. It is up to you how much you want to keep public. You may also just input the city of the brand instead of the full address. Upon completing this step, you can click ‘Continue,’ indicating that you are in accord with the platform’s Pages, Groups, and Event Policies. If you have queries, we suggest you read through them beforehand.

Step 2: Adding Pictures

This is when you add the Profile and cover photos to the page. Since your customers will judge your brand through the page, you need to put some effort into creating a positive first impression with the visuals.

Hence, choosing photos that comply with the mission and goals of your brand is strongly encouraged. A recognizable logo, and a relevant cover image, complying with the resolution and sizes of Facebook standards, are crucial to remember.

Use the ‘Upload a Profile Picture’ and ‘Upload a Cover Photo’ options so you can complete these steps.

Step 3: Creating Your Username

The URL of your page tells the user who you are and how to get you on Facebook. Hence, choose a 5 character long, relevant name, which can be easy to remember, and click Create Page @Username in the menu to the left. Once done, you simply have to click ‘Create Username.’

Step 4: Final Details

This is where you leave the critical fields that describe your brand in the best and the most convincing way possible. Clicking on ‘Edit Page Info’ will provide you with the chance to input Description (maximum 255 characters), Categories, Location, Hours (when are you open), and Contact for the business.

You can then add a Long Description by clicking the ‘See More’ option in the left menu, which leads you to ‘About,’ followed by ‘Our Story’ to the right. A detailed depiction of your vision and headline can attract more customers.

You can make it public by clicking ‘Publish’ once complete. You are now ready to create your first post, which has to be done before you attempt to invite people to like your page to know what value to find in your brand. 

Once you hit ‘Publish Page,’ your brand is publicly available on the platform and can be accessed by your customers. Make sure to check all the relevant details before beginning to promote it.

So, want to get found on Facebook? Go ahead and hit that ‘Publish’ button.

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