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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Having the proper content on Instagram can increase your chances of engaging with your audience and generating more conversions.

Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s not so simple to schedule a few posts on Instagram at the exact time that you want to get the most engagement.

You may also have other things on your mind that require you to take priority over Instagram.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

1- Make sure you’re an admin on your Facebook business page.

Although both Facebook and Instagram are separate accounts, businesses will still need to set up their own usernames and passwords to sync their Instagram posts. You can still do this by visiting the Instagram Business landing page.

2- Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page using the Instagram app.

You probably already know that you can have multiple accounts from the app. However, since you’ll need a separate business account to schedule posts, it’s important that you create one.

To switch from your personal page to your Instagram Business page, go to your profile on your phone and follow the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select “switch to Business profile”

Under “Settings,” go to “Linked Accounts.” There, you can link your two accounts together. After you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to enter the username and password of your business account.

3- Open your scheduling tool

Now that your Instagram profile is integrated with Facebook, it’s time to schedule posts using the social tool of your choice.

4- Set the date and time of your post

Set the exact date and time when your post will be live on Instagram.

Tools for Scheduling Instagram Posts

1- Later

Later is a service that’s dedicated to Instagram. It features a full-featured social content calendar, a drag-and-drop post planning tool. It can also automatically publish posts to your Instagram Business profile.

Price: Free, $12.50/mo (Starter), $20.83 (Growth), $33.33 (Advanced)

2- Tailwind

With the help of the built-in Hashtag Finder and bulk image upload features, Tailwind is a smart assistant that’s specifically designed for Instagram and Pinterest.

The tool also allows users to preview and schedule Instagram posts. It displays the schedule and grid in a single dashboard.

Price: Free, $9.99/mo (Pro), $19.99 (Advanced), $39.99 (Max)

3- Buffer

With the help of Buffer, you can easily schedule and manage social media posts on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also customize the appearance of your Instagram post by including hashtags in the comments section. It can also analyze your posts to determine which audience members liked them the most.

Aside from being available on mobile devices, the app also comes with an extension that can be installed on your internet browser.

Price: Free, $15/mo-Pro, $65/mo-Premium, $99/mo-Business

4- Sprout Social

The Sprout Social app is a social media management tool that’s designed to work seamlessly with various platforms such as Instagram. It features a calendar that allows users to schedule and monitor their social media posts.

The app also allows users to easily upload and schedule Instagram posts. It also displays the post’s location and other details. It also allows users to identify and analyze the various trends happening on Instagram.

Price: Price: $99/mo (Standard), $149/mo (Professional), $249/mo (Advanced)

5- Loomly

Loomly is a content management platform that enables users to schedule and publish social media posts on various platforms. It also offers automated publishing options for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

The platform also allows users to easily manage their social media content. It features a built-in social media post recommendation engine that’s designed to help users find the most relevant content.

Price: $34 /mo-Base, $76 /mo-standard, $159 /mo-Advanced, $332 /mo-Premium

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