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How to post on Instagram

How to post on Instagram

If your business isn’t already on Instagram, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to leverage the platform to your advantage and build loyal communities. After all, we all know how Instagram can help you drive traffic to your storefront or eCommerce site.

Before you start building your Instagram account, make sure that you know the basics. Instagram posts are live in two places: your feed and your Stories.

Posts that appear on your feed are evergreen, and they can be deleted or archived at any time. Instagram Stories are the posts that appear at the top of the app and disappear within 24 hours.

Instagram marketing is relatively easy to learn and use and can be incredibly effective for increasing sales.

1- Create an Instagram business account

To post on Instagram, you have to create an account, pretty obvious right?

There are three types of Instagram accounts: personal, creator, and business. Creating a business account gives you access to all of the data that will help you grow and reach more people.

To create a business account, first sign up for a personal account. Then, go to the settings page, select “Account” and then select the “Switch to Professional Account” option.

After creating your profile, Instagram will ask you to provide a description of your business so you can fill out your details.

2- Click on the Instagram post creator button 

On the top of the screen, there are three symbols that stand for ” create”, “notifications”, and “inbox”.

To create a post, tap the icon located in the middle of the screen. It’s a plus sign that says “create a post”.

The top portion of the screen will show a preview of your post, while the bottom half will contain all your photos and videos.

Photo showing the + button in Instagram to start a post

3- Create your post

Your Instagram posts are used to tell the story of your company through photos and videos, they can also introduce new products, share testimonials.

You can create four different types of posts on Instagram, each with a different size and dimension.

1- Single photo post

You can select the type of photo that you would like to display on your feed and the size of it: portrait, landscape, or square.

To create a new photo, just select an existing one from your album or take a new one then click “next”.

2- Video post

In-feed videos are typically less than a minute long and can also include various elements such as portrait, landscape, or square.

Create a new video by selecting an existing video from your album or press the camera button to take a video within the post creator.

3- Carousel post

A carousel post is a collection of short videos or photos that your followers can swipe through.

Create a carousel post from your album by selecting up to 10 photos and videos then hit the Next button to the top right of your screen.

A picture of Moe Abdallah Instagram account showing an example of a carousel post

4- Edit your photo and video

You can also change the color scheme of your Instagram post after you’ve chosen and created the photos or videos that you want.

Plus, you can customize the filter and the other elements of your photo with the help of the settings panel.

5- Write your caption 

Your caption is the text that accompanies a photo or a story that explains something about it.

Your caption should start with a one-line summary of what you’re going to write. It will help people keep track of what you’re going to say until they see the whole post. Check out this blog for more tips about how to write your caption.

However, you can’t add links to your caption. The only places you can share them are your bio and your Instagram Stories.

6- Choose accounts and platforms to post to

You can publish your post on other social platforms if you’re signed into more than one account.

Below the “set location” button, there are a couple of buttons that will allow you to publish to other accounts.

Bonus Tip

Save time and reach more people by organizing and scheduling your photos in this template.

By organizing, scheduling, and posting content on a regular basis, you can save time and increase your reach. It saves you time and helps keep your content fresh and consistent.

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