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How does the TikTok Algorithm Work

How does the TikTok Algorithm Work

In the world of social media, the TikTok algorithm is constantly changing and evolving. It can be hard to keep up with what’s going on, especially if you’re not familiar with how it works. In this blog post, we will discuss how the TikTok algorithm works in 2022 and explain some of the changes that have been made. Keep reading to learn more!

Why do Brands need to be on TikTok in 2022?

As we mentioned before, the TikTok algorithm is always changing. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to understand how it works and what changes have been made. Here are some of the reasons why brands need to be on TikTok in 2022:

  • TikTok has a massive audience that is constantly growing.
  • The platform is extremely engaging, which means that brands have the opportunity to reach a lot of people.
  • TikTok is a great way to connect with Gen Zers and young adults.
  • There are many creative ways to use TikTok for marketing purposes.
  • The platform is relatively new, which means there is a lot of potential for growth.

How does the TikTok Algorithm Work

The TikTok algorithm is very sensitive! In short, it is better to post at least once a day.

TikTok’s algorithm is designed to show users content that they are interested in. It takes into account factors such as the type of content you watch, the people you follow, and your interactions with other users. The algorithm also includes a feed ranking system that is constantly being updated. This system determines what content is shown to you and in what order.


There have been a few changes to the TikTok algorithm in recent months. One of the biggest changes is that TikTok now personalizes your feed based on your interactions with the app. This means that if you watch a lot of videos, the algorithm will show you more videos that are similar to the ones you’ve watched. The goal of this change is to keep users engaged for longer periods of time.

Another change that has been made is that TikTok now gives more weight to likes and comments. This is because TikTok wants to encourage users to interact with the content that they’re seeing. When you like or comment on a video, it signals to the algorithm that you’re interested in that type of content. As a result, you’ll see more videos like the ones you’ve liked or commented on.

Finally, TikTok has also started to show more videos from creators that you follow. This is because the algorithm wants to make sure that you’re seeing content from the people you’re interested in. If you follow a lot of people, you’ll see a mix of content from all of them. If you only follow a few people, you’ll see mostly content from those people.

These are just a few of the changes that have been made to the TikTok algorithm. As you can see, the platform is constantly evolving and changing. It’s important to keep up with these changes so that you can make sure your brand is visible on the platform.

The importance of music on TikTok

Music plays a huge role in TikTok. Viewers probably remember the songs more than the videos. Keep in mind that using trending music for your video is very important for high organic reach.  TikTok songs that were new a year ago are hitting the radio now!

Key Components of the TikTok Algorithm:

  • Video Information:  The TikTok algorithm looks at information about the video itself to decide whether or not to show it to users. This includes things like the length of the video, the caption, and the tags. Find How TikTok recommends videos.
  • User Information: TikTok also looks at information about the user who posted the video. This includes things like how many followers they have, how often they post, and how long they’ve been on the platform.
  • Viewer Information: Finally, TikTok looks at information about the viewer to decide what to show them. This includes things like what kinds of videos they’ve watched in the past, who they follow, and how often they use the app. By taking all of this information into account, the TikTok algorithm is able to show each user a personalized feed of videos.
  • Device and Account Settings: There are a few settings on your device and account that can affect what you see on TikTok. For example, if you turn on “Restricted Mode“, TikTok will filter out videos that it thinks may not be appropriate for you. You can also choose to hide certain types of content from your feed. For instance, you can hide videos that have been posted by people who you don’t follow. These are just a few of the factors that go into the TikTok algorithm.

As you can see, the platform is constantly changing and evolving. It’s important to keep up with these changes so that you can make sure your brand is visible on the platform.

Keep in mind that the algorithm favors videos that are creative, engaging, and have a strong call to action. So, make sure your videos fit these criteria! 

Unimportant Engagements to the TikTok Algorithm?

TikTok has said that they do not consider the following engagements when determining what content to show users:

  • Previously viewed content 
  • Duplicated content
  • Potentially upsetting content (The platform provides examples of such content)
  • Content that gets flagged as spam

So, what should you do? It’s really simple, you should focus on getting quality engagements from your viewers, rather than quantity. So, don’t worry if you don’t get a ton of comments or views on your videos. As long as the people who are engaging with your content are active TikTok users, your video will still be seen by the algorithm.

How to create your content strategy?

Your content strategy is the most important aspect of your TikTok marketing campaign.

Here are a few tips on how to create a content strategy that will help the algorithm:

  • Use trending music in your videos
  • Post creative and engaging content
  • Use strong call-to-actions in your videos
  • Keep up with the latest TikTok trends

Wrapping Up

The TikTok algorithm is always changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and changes. By following these tips, you can make sure that your videos are being seen by a wide audience. Keep experimenting and try new things to see what works best for your brand. If you have any questions don’t forget to contact us to help you set up your TikTok strategy.

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