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CPM and CPC: What's the difference blog banner

CPM & CPC: What’s the difference?

I know you’ve heard a lot about CPM and CPC and it sounds very technical but it’s very simple. Do you want to know wh...

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Debunking 5 SEO Myths

Yes, they’re everywhere! They’re even in social media ads, specifically on Facebook, that’s where I saw them, ads contai...

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SEO Audits in 2021: Off-Page Audits

Off-page SEO is tough, much tougher than on-page SEO and no one but SEO agencies loves doing it. I mean, do you love goi...

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How to perform SEO auditing in 2021: On-Page Audits

Want to succeed online? Put effort into your SEO. The Hardest Part? It isn’t how to perform SEO auditing, it...

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5 types of SEO that will help your ranking

Did you know that more than 50 % of all website traffic comes from organic search? Since search is driving half of the t...

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