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Answers To Your Email Marketing Questions

Answers To Your Email Marketing Questions

After reading through all of the questions that you guys ask me, I came up with 10 answers to the top 10 questions that were most frequently asked.

1- What’s the ideal email subject line length?

While some email clients display a lot of subject line characters, keep in mind that many recipients will be reading on their mobile devices that only display a few characters. To avoid having your subject line cut off prematurely, keep it short and make sure that the beginning of your email is very informative. 41 characters is the optimal length for a subject line.

2- Person’s Name or Company for Send-From Address for better open rate?

This is a great question because it’s a subject that’s constantly debated in email marketing. There’s no one right answer for everyone. We conducted an A/B test to see if sending an email from one of our colleagues performed better than an email from Moe Media. In our test, having a colleague’s name on the email resulted in a 3% higher open rate.

Though, we’ve read a lot that sending an email from a company’s name might be more effective than sending an email from an individual’s name since users signed up with your company and are expecting to receive these emails.

Although it sounds logical, it’s important to perform an A/B test to see what works best with your audience.

3- Is it useful to include numbers and special characters in the email’s subject lines?

Although subject lines with numbers and other characters such as brackets, ampersands, and parentheses tend to have higher click-through rates, certain other elements such as question marks and hashtags can also have negative effects.

It’s not ideal to use excessive punctuation and it’s important to avoid over-exuberant punctuation to avoid sending emails that will end up in spam folders. Your subscribers are already desensitized to the displays of feigned emotion in emails, so over-exuberant punctuation will not have a positive impact on your message.

Read here, are 7 tips on how to write compelling email copy.

4- Where’s the CTR of business emails higher?

According to a study conducted by MarketingSherpa, a company’s email marketing campaign had a dramatic increase in its click-through rates after it optimized its emails for mobile. This is important and it can boost a company’s click-through rates.

5- What is a good CTR rate for emails?

Depending on the type of email that you’re sending, the click-through rate of each type of email will vary. For instance, transactional emails, such as confirmations or orders, have the highest click-through rate.

It makes sense that a high click-through rate for transactional emails is related to the level of engagement that your subscribers have with your brand.

According to a study conducted by eMarketer, the average click-through rate for emails in North America was 5.5% in the third quarter of 2011. However, this data is only a partial representation of the overall email marketing campaign’s success.

One of the most important factors that you can do to improve your email marketing campaign’s click-through rate is to segment your lists. This method can help boost your relevance and increase the number of subscribers who are interested in receiving more relevant content.

6- What’s a good unsubscribe rate?

1%. Aside from being generally ethical, being able to achieve a good unsubscribe rate can also be achieved by following certain steps. These include using opt-in lists, segmenting your lists, and sending relevant content at the appropriate frequency.

Although it’s important to have a good unsubscribe rate, it’s also important to consider that it’s a natural process that you can do to improve the health of your list. Having a good list cleanse is also beneficial for your reputation.

7- When should you send your emails?

According to Hubspot, emails that were sent at 6 am had the highest click-through rates. They also showed a small spike during the later hours of the day.

Additionally, try sending weekend emails instead of Monday and Wednesday to see how they perform. Emails that were sent on Tuesdays had the lowest click-through rate and the highest unsubscribed rate. They also stated that emails that were sent on Friday and Wednesday had the highest click-through rates.

8- How to balance the attention of the links in your email?

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to designing an email is the number of links in it. Having multiple links in an email is a great way to re-target your audience and convert them into customers. However, make sure that your CTAs are not competing with one another.

9- What’s the difference between paid and an organic email contact?

Organic email contact is someone who agrees to subscribe to your company’s email by clicking on a link on your website. They can then fill out a form on one of the landing pages to indicate their willingness to receive your mail. A paid email contact, on the other hand, is someone who did not opt-in to receiving your emails but rather received their contact details in a list your purchased.

Organic email contacts are indeed better than those that you pay for, it’s important to note that those who opt in to receive your mail are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer and are less likely to mark you as SPAM. This is also beneficial for your email deliverability rates. Honestly, you shouldn’t purchase email contacts, and here’s why.

10- How to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act?

There are a few steps that email marketers can take to ensure that they are compliant with the CAN-SPAM act. These include developing a strategy that addresses the various aspects of the act, designing effective email campaigns, and monitoring their performance.

One of the most important steps that you should take is to ensure that the information in your email addresses and subject lines is not misleading or intentionally falsified. 

Plus, make sure that the link to the unsubscribe section is also included in every single email. This ensures that the recipient knows that they can still opt out of receiving your mail. Unsubscribers should be honored completely and promptly.

Additionally, ensure that the email service provider that you use is reputable. If something illegal happens to your mail, both you and the company that you’re using can be held liable.

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