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9 Things to Check Out Before Sending a Marketing Email

9 Things to Check Out Before Sending a Marketing Email

Imagine sending a marketing email to 500+ contacts only to discover a silly spelling mistake, a wrong image, or that you added a wrong or broken link. Well, guess what? I’m not proud of it, but it did happen to me once. Imagine the embarrassment I felt… Now, let’s make sure none of you actually go through this.

Here are the nine things you should check before sending your marketing email:

Spelling Mistakes

Spellcheck is your friend, use it! And have someone else proofread your message too. Once done, the best thing to do is send your email out to a friend or teammate, have them proofread it.

Incorrect Images

If you’re using an image in your email, make sure it’s the right size and resolution. If not, it will look pixelated or stretched out. Also, avoid using copyrighted images without permission. Double-check for distorted images and wrong image placements.

Broken links

Double-check your links to make sure they work properly before sending your email. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link in an email and having it not work. Test all the links in your email before you hit send.

Incorrect Information

Make sure all your information is accurate before sending out marketing emails. This includes dates, times, locations, phone numbers, etc. The last thing you want is for someone to show up to an event late or at the wrong location because of incorrect information in your marketing email.

Formatting Issues

Did you know that different email clients display HTML differently? So, what looks great in Gmail might not look so hot in Outlook. To avoid any formatting issues, use a table to format your email and make sure all your text is aligned correctly.

Unsubscribe Links

Including an unsubscribe link in your marketing email is not only required by law, but it’s also good customer service. It allows people to easily unsubscribe from your list if they no longer want to receive your messages.

Subject Line Length

Keep your subject line short and sweet. The ideal length is under 50 characters long. Anything longer risks getting cut off in some email clients.


Add a personal touch to your marketing emails by using the recipient’s first name in the subject line or body of the message. You can also segment your contact list and send more targeted messages to different groups. Just make sure not to over-personalize your emails, or you’ll come across as creepy.

Email Preview

Before sending your marketing email, send a test message to yourself and check how it looks in your inbox. This will allow you to see what the email looks like and catch any mistakes.

Now that you know what to look out for before sending a marketing email, you can avoid making any embarrassing mistakes. Just take the time to proofread your email, test all the links, and double-check your information before hitting send.

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9 Things to Check Out Before Sending a Marketing Email
Many just hit "Send" and move on. But there are things you should do before sending your email and this article will cover exactly what those things are!
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