5 types of people you should never do business with

5 Types of people to avoid doing business with blog banner

While some people can just weed out clients to avoid, others seem to just attract them like moths to a flame. If you find yourself in the latter, don’t worry, there’s hope.

I have recently been conversing with some experienced entrepreneurs for some tips on how to identify clients to avoid, and how you can prevent them from becoming a drain on your resources, your time, and your business.

Here Are Different Clients You’d Want To Avoid

#1 Those who haggle for the sake of it

One of the first clients to avoid is the type of person who’s just going to continuously hassle you to lower your prices. Most people will ask for a discount, there is nothing wrong with that.

But a person who persistently haggles doesn’t value you, and it’s impossible to believe that they ever will. While you will meet some exceptions, most who aren’t willing to pay for your service simply don’t want to do so because they don’t think it’s worthwhile. So dealing with the headache that this type of client creates, to make one sale, when repeat business is unlikely, just turns you into a charity case. You definitely don’t want to be a charity case.

#2 The time wasters

Time is money and your business will regularly depend on your ability to maximize your time efficiently. The next client to avoid is the one that never seems to decide. Spotting this type of client will help you save so much time. It can help you increase your productivity and make the most of the limited hours you have in every day. Don’t squander your time trying to convince someone that your product or service is worth their time, this whole process is definitely not worth your time!

#3 The Energy drainers

Another type of clients to avoid are the energy drainers. Unfortunately, one of the most salable and valuable traits of any successful entrepreneur is their ability to communicate. They also have a level of patience to deal with uncooperative and uncommunicative clients. This type of client will use a range of different tactics from verbal abuse to persistent passive-aggressiveness. Their negativity and sometimes outrageous behaviour can soak up your positive energy and completely drain you.

#4 The Gamophobic clients (Fear of commitment)

The longer you spend in the business, the more clients you’ll meet who are just shopping around. Identifying these clients early on will help you avoid spending too much time and energy on them. Shopping around is common, if you’re the first company on their list, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to convince them to make any significant commitment. Leave a good impression that will encourage them to return at a later date, but don’t waste your time, as they will never make a commitment at this point.

#5 In love with the sound of their own voice

Last but not least, the last type of clients to avoid is the persistent complainers and criticizers. Remember, there are some people in this world that you will never satisfy. Identify them early on and don’t waste your time trying to make them happy. Not that negative feedback should be ignored, focus on whether it’s valid and make the improvements that are needed. However, don’t waste your time by trying to satisfy everybody.

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